Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Here is my cheese. Everyone likes a nice cheese. I found him in the fridge and thought what fun it would be to paint his picture.

I did not have a plan, exactly. It was a narrative of my process. Time will tell exactly what "narrative of my process" means, in this context and in a more general way, or to anyone. The "narrative of my process" could mean something altogether to you, or me.

Because all surfaces of the space within you were used, no conceptual edges or alignments were encountered. This created an interior plinth, or as it is commonly called, thing. The effect was close to total immersion of enjoyment.

I worked on the painting of this cheese, and as I worked, the creative process was engaged and the "narrative of my process" developed deep within my body creating cities of happy. I continued to work on it until the final day, October 6, 2007. Then I painted over it again, and the project returned to its zero state of spatial continuum. It had a lifespan of 2 months in this painted over state until December 6 2007 when I reconnected with the "narrative of my process" and scraped it off again. Now it has a new life, on this website, with you.

When I look at it now I see the faces of the dead, a dying world of pain and destruction, and I weep black tears of oil and death.

But we must soldier on as ever, dear friends, enjoy!

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